Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Right Angle Weave Stitch

There are many different ways to make jewelry.  One is bead weaving.  Here is a tutorial of one of the basic steps of bead weaving from PandaHall.  It's a great way to get started in bead weaving!!

How to make right angle weave stitch

Step1. Prepare a thin wire rope and string a pink bead in the middle,
Step2. Slide a on both side of the line. 
Step3. Thread both of the ends though a deep sky blue bead and tense it. So it forms a unit.
Step4. Repeat the steps you can make several units.
Step5. In the last unit, you must slide three beads on the left wire rope and string the left line back from the yellow bead.
Step6. Tense the two lines and string three beads on the right line.
Step7. hold the left line and string it back from the third bead that on the left line. Strain it.
Step8.thread the left line on the upper yellow bead.
Step9. slide two bead on the right line.
Step10. cross the two ends through a deep sky blue bead and tight them.
Step11. According to the way you can make the ending picture like this:

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