Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crayon Candle

As a mom of three young children, I have an entire bag of broken crayons that I was saving for something just like this!  Make a candle out of your old crayons!  From No Time for Flashcards, we have an excellent tutorial to make the candles.  **Note - you can also melt the crayon in the microwave, just do it in slow increments of about 30 seconds each.  Also, so are not left with the "crayola" smell, just add some essential oil to each color even different scented oil for each color, that would be fun!  Here's the tutorial:

Crayon Candle !
I have been wanting to try this for ages, finally I saved up enough crayons from restaurants, and goody bags . This took a while , it was a true nap time creation from the time my son fell asleep until I heard “Mama I’m up” almost 3 hours later. So block off some time without little hands before starting this project.
  1. Gather your materials. You will need many crayons of various colors, something to melt the crayons in ( I use aluminum cup liners in a ratty old cake pan- the wax does leak through some times) , some popsicle sticks for stirring, a recycled jar and a candle wick.
  2. Start by setting your oven to 220-265 I am impatient and melt them at 265 but many people have said that that is too hot and they had smoking, so my suggestion is to start low and adjust accordingly.
  3. Peel the paper off the crayons and break into small pieces. I used 7-10 crayons of each color for my candle.
  4. Melt.
  5. Put the wick in the jar and hold onto it as you pour the melted crayon into the jar.If I had had a longer wick I would have wrapped it around a popsicle stick and laid the stick across the jar to keep it in place.
  6. Let the wax set before adding the next color.
  7. This is what happened when I didn’t wait long enough.
  8. Keep adding and letting the color set.
  9. Trim the wick when all colors are added and set.
** Update – I lit the candle and it burned well for about 15 minutes, after that the flame got tiny tiny . The smell was fine, although I admit to liking the smell of crayola! Overall I would do this as a pretty decoration, exploration about melting and color mixing and not to make a candle to use in emergencies ! **

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