Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kitchen Organizer Idea

I love ideas that use that space that we didn't think we could use and put it to a great use!  Here's an idea for those false front on your kitchen (even bathroom) cabinets from The DIY Club:

1st Step: You need to remove your false drawer fronts.  Mine were stapled on, but some are held by screws.
2nd Step:  Take the hinge and place it on the interior of your opening, at the base and mark your openings with a pencil. (It will be flush the edge of the cabinet) The hinges are marked with a “L” or “R” for your left and right side.
3rd Step:  You can drill pilot holes to make it easier to put in the screws.  Screw in the screws.  Repeat on the other side.
4th Step:  Here I’ll save you a little grief.  I followed the directions which gives this step as the last step, but I promise you… it’s easier to do it it now!  You want to use a level and mark on your front panels where you want to place your trays.  Drill a pilot hole and screw in the screws most of the way, but you want to leave enough space to be able to remove the trays for cleaning, etc. (They hook onto the screws)  Leave the trays off for now, so you have more room to work.
5th Step:  Attaching the panel to the hinge.  This was the hardest part, mainly because of space.  In fact I got a nice scratch on my hand.  You can pull the hinge out to make it easier to attach the panel from the outside or climb under the sink with a flashlight to install.
6th Step:  Once the hinge is attached to the panel front you can hang your trays on the screws.
Once you’re done you’ll have a great place to store your sponges, brushes and it even comes with a cute little ring holder if you like to remove your ring while doing dishes.
Don’t you just love things that keep you more organized!

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  1. Love this idea. Built in storage you didn't know you had☺