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My name is Jennifer McKinnie.  I am a Christian and proud mother of three wonderful children 7 and under.  My husband is serving in the US Army and is currently deployed to Afganistahn but scheduled to return  in a few more months.  We live in the beautiful state of Virginia (although I am originally from Texas and miss it dearly!).  We are always busy and on the go, but that's pretty much the America way right!

I have always been a crafter.  I like to create beautiful things.  I began scrap booking and making cards, then took up sewing, and I am now hooked on jewelry design.  It was my mom who introduced me to jewelry design and we are always on the phone discussing new ideas.  She is truly my best friend!  I am experimenting with many different elements as I learn and grow in my craft.  I created BrankletsNBling because I wanted to offer women everywhere the joy of jewelry and sparkle.  I love to learn new ways to create and do things which is one of the reasons we started the Tips and Techniques section so we can all share our new ideas. 

My wonderful mom is Linda Baze.  She is a Grandma/Gammy in South Texas. She started making jewelry a few years ago mainly for herself, family and friends. Then I discovered the pandora style beads and went crazy. She was having so much fun with all the different styles, colors and of course beads, beads, beads. She created Girlie Gals for all us gals who like to feel pretty & feminine, flirty & sassy, fun-loving & casual, classy & elegant, or in another word.............Girlie!

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