Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make Your Own Hoodie

This is such a cute and looks fairly simple- that even I can do it!  I really like Hoodies especially after moving to Alaska when it rains or sprinkles quite a bit in the summer.  This idea from Mark Montano is great!

You'll need:
Sewing machine
2 t-shirts
Measuring tape
Matching thread
Long shoestring
Straight pins
Fabric Chalk
 Lay your t-shirt flat
Draw a v-neck line in the front 
Carefully cut it out.  Don't cut the v in the back! 
Measure around your neckline 
Lay out your 2nd t-shirt.  You'll be working on the hem! 
Add 1" to your neckline measurement on the tape measure 
Fold the tape measure in half 
 Draw a line on the t-shirt as shown that exact folded length
 Draw out your hood like I did here
Cut it out 
Flip it inside out 
Stitch up the back
It's going to look like this.  A monk wearing green! 
 Pin the neckline of the hood to the neckline of the t-shirt starting at the center back and working your way to the front
Overlap the center front parts of the hood 1/2" 
Stitch around the neck 
On the INSIDE of the hem of the hoodie near the center front, draw two small dots.  These are your holes in which you will thread the drawstring (shoestring) 
The hem of the 2nd t-shirt is going to be your tunnel for the drawstring
Cut a very very tiny hole on the inside where you drew the dots.  You'll have to separate the fabrics so that you don't cut through both sides. 
Thread your drawstring and you're done!

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