Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade Stepping Stone

These are so fun, especially for kids to make and they are relatively simple.  You can purchase kits at the store, or you can just do it yourself.  All you need is some concrete or cement mix, you can use the quick drying ones as well and a mold or like in this example, they used a very large Banana leaf (which I love).  Make sure to follow the mixing directions on the concrete so it is not too runny and will stay put if not using a mold.  If you really like the banana leaf, but you don't have the plant, check your local nursery or Lowes or HomeDepot, they might have some there you can purchase.

Mix up your concrete to a thick consistency
Place your mold or whatever you are using on a cardboard surface
Add you concrete to your mold or as shown on the leaf
Allow to dry completely
Remove from mold and Voila!  Gorgeous!

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