Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gift Basket Guide

I found this wonderful article from Camp Clem about making Gift Baskets and just had to share it. They give wonderful ideas on making the perfect gift basket for whoever you are gifting.  I love making gift baskets and this article has helped me really focus on what to put in each basket and ideas on how to present it as well!  Check it out!  Do you have any other ideas on gift baskets?  Please comment and share.

I am a big fan of gift baskets. I feel like they look cute & are simple to assemble. There are two decisions to make when you are making a gift basket…
Now you KNOW I love a theme, and my favorite go-to themes are spa,beach/summerculinary, and gardening. [I'll talk more about those later in the post.]

My default color choice is pink and green. Just such a happy combo, don’t you think?? It’s great to have a color palette to help guide your selections for the gift basket.
Gather your supplies. I chose candies in pink or green boxes, green hand soaps, pink lemonade packets, peppermint tea (which was in pink boxes for some reason), notepads, and some pink & green tissue paper. I hit the dollar store for some cute pink & green shopping/beach baskets (these came from Dollar Tree, but I’ve seen the same and similar baskets at other dollar stores, too). And I grabbed some bottled water.
I also grabbed a couple of these cello gift basket bags. They are great to make your gift look finished and fancy… and to keep me from eating everything in them before delivery…
First, line your basket with a couple of sheets of tissue paper.
Tear off the label from the water and tie a ribbon around its neck. I added a little printed tag with a verse to one of the two water bottles in each basket (I changed the he to she).
She who refreshes others will herself be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25).
Next fill the basket. Pretty simple, right? Make sure to try to balance the weight as you fill (so one heavy water on each end; add tea bags, soap, and pink lemonade mix wedged in the middle; then boxes of candy & notepad along either side).
Finally, “wrap” the basket in a cello bag. [I actually decided to do this only with the gift for the teacher who was absent today, leaving everyone else's open so they could dig right in.] Tie it closed with a thick ribbon, and don’t forget the tag (write or print on colored cardstock)!
Yay! A happy row of gift basketey joy ready to deliver! [These ended up at about $10 each.]
I love to lay out all the “fillings” in my workroom on the dining room table, and go to work!
Here are some great themed filler suggestions:
baskets 06 spa
baskets 04 spa
SPA – sea grass tote with fancy towel, bath salts, bubble bath, lotion, loofah, flavored water, candles, candy, book
baskets 09 beach
BEACH – bright tote with fun beach towel, sun block, magazine, notecards, candy, flip-flops, orange soda (because it’s bright)
baskets 03 gardening
baskets 05 gardening
baskets 07 gardening
GARDENING – bright tote or ceramic/clay oversized pot with watering can, gloves, small potted plant/flower, seeds packet, flavored water/soda, watering globe, bird feeder
baskets 01
COOKING – stainless steel oversized bowl with apron, oven mit, pot holder, napkins, stainless steel kitchen utensils, gourmet spices, wooden rolling pin
AND… if the budget allows, ADD GIFT CARDS! A $5 giftcard from Starbucks or Sonic can be tucked into a [ask for a free] tall or small Starbucks or Sonic cup. Target, Walmart, and teacher supply store giftcards are also always appreciated. If it’s a group gift and the budget is bigger, a giftcard to a spa or restaurant is awesome, too!

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