Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things to Do with a Cardboard Box

This has gotta be one of the coolest group of ideas I have ever found!  It's from the blog boys GERMS.  Call me a kid at heart, but I LOVE all these great ideas just with a card board box.  My kids and I have made lots of cool things from old cardboard boxes, but really not this cool!!  My absolute favorites are the Mailbox, Ball Run, and Laptop!  So cool!!!

25 Ideas for a Cardboard Box! From boys Germs

Here are some cardboard box ideas that you can create with things around the house. Perfect for a rainy day!
1. Pirate Ship 2. Cafe 3. Race Car 4. Guitar 5. Kitchen 6. Planets in a Box 7. Shoe Box Cars 8. Mystery Box 9. Car Park Station 10. City in a box 11. Mailbox 12. Castle 13. Laptop 14. Barn 15. Ice Cream Shop 16. Car Wash 17. Oven 18. Scooter 19. Cubby House 20. Ball Run 21. General Store 22. Bus 23.Dinosaur Feet 24. Car and Train Station 25. Rocket

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