Monday, March 4, 2013

Great Ideas for Storing All Your Scrapbook Stickers

From  Creating Keepsakes Magazine

5 Easy Ideas for Storing Your Stickers
Organizing your sticker stash doesn't have to be a sticky situation. Thanks to these five simple approaches, it's a breeze to find an orderly system that works for your unique scrapbooking style.
1. On-the-Wall Container: Store your stickers in a decorative rack that you can hang above your creative workspace. This approach will keep the creativity at your fingertips without interfering with your desk space.

2. DIY Sticker Spinner: Finding the sticker sheet you need is just a twist away with this organized approach. Turn a paper-towel holder into a rotating sticker station by first sliding pieces of sturdy cardstock into 8.5" x 11" sheet protectors (for added stability) and then inserting your stickers. Once your page protectors are loaded, attach them together with binder clips, and slide those clips around the center of your paper-towel holder.

Bonus Idea: If premade is your preferred method when it comes to finding organization solutions, check out theClip-It-Up by Simply Renee.

3. File-Folder Organization: You don't have to be a legal eagle to find the benefits in accordion-file folders. They're an ideal choice for stashing your stickers. For one, they open up nice and wide, giving you easy access to the contents. Also, they can quickly be tucked away when you're in between craft happenings. Plus, if you like to scrap on the go, they're a wonderful grab-and-go solution!

4. Basket Case: Add a decorative touch to your creative space that doubles as organization with a stylish basket. Whether you have one basket for all of your stickers or you choose to keep separate baskets for separate sticker themes, this approach will keep your collection out where you can see it and make the most of it!

5. On the Wire: Maximize your closet space, and hang your favorite sticker sheets across a curtain wire. This will leave you more shelf space for larger and heavier items, and you can just slide the stickers aside whenever you need to access the rest of your closet-contained goodies.

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--Hoeppner, Creating Keepsakes creative  editor

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  1. Awesome ideas!! I have tons of stickers and I started with the binder and page protectors - then I didn't keep up with it.