Monday, March 11, 2013

Flip Flop Weather is Upon Us

Easy Fabric Flip Flops

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Spring is almost here which means a fun wardrobe change like sandals and flip flops to show those toes!

Although us Floridians wear flip flops all year...even when I wear a sweater you can see me sporting the flops. :) I have...I think...1,002 pairs of them.  OK.  Maybe not that many but I have more than I can count. Dressy, casual, beachy, girly, whatever.  And my crafty self loved the idea of making my own using fabric scraps to make them custom and super fun.
I had the privilege to speak to a fabulous group of women last week for a localMOPS group about gift giving ideas for Spring. This was one of the projects I shared and I figured I could share an easy peasy tutorial using flips flops for my girls.  (It's been WAY TOO LONG since I did one).

Oh and sorry if the flip flops don't look pristine.  They were worn a few times by my little pinks until I snagged them to pretty them up. :) Here goes...

I know there are other fun tutorials out there by taking the whole thong out and just using cute! Check out this one and this one from The Mother Huddle which are FABULOUS!  I just happen to prefer the support these give while making them feel a bit more comfortable and a whole lot prettier.

Oh, and please know I will be getting back to visiting all of you very soon.  Life has gotten VERY busy for me so sadly I have not been able to visit all you fabulous friends in A LONG WHILE!  Just know I appreciate every one of you who read my blog even with YOUR busy lives and schedules and it means so much to me knowing you come to visit again and again.

Hugs all my fabulous friends!

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  1. Awesome!! This is soo cute! Can't wait for flip flop weather!