Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift for Him

My husband is very hard to shop for.  I always try to surprise him with something nice and unexpected.  I found this awesome idea from Visual Heart and am so excited!  I will be making this for him for Christmas and I can write this here because I know he doesn't read my blog :)-  It's really sweet and I think he will really like it:

52 Things I Love About You

I created a template using Adobe Illustrator, measured the size of the card and filled in the type within. Once printed on card stock, I cut out each square by hand. I glued them to the cards using a thin layer of basic mod-podge, but you could also use rubber cement for a faster drying time.
A few people have been asking if I hand wrote the sayings. I’ve decided to provide a link to the font I used, it’s called Mari & David


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  1. I love this-so sweet! Now I just need to come up with 52 things.......LOL!!