Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snowman Hot Cocoa

I found this idea from Pinterest from For What it's Worth... and just loved it!  Such a cute idea for kids to make and give out for gifts to parents, siblings, teachers or anyone special in their lives.  Here it is:

1. Start with a Half Pint Canning Jar.  (these are the Better Homes & Gardens Brand from Wal-Mart...I love the top)
2. Fill it with Mini-Marshmallows
 3. Make the Brim of the Hat using Black Paper or Fabric (it should be stiff though, so use Cardstock or Construction Paper or Felt) The most difficult part of this whole project...sizing the brim.  Basically it's a circle with a center Circle cut out of the middle that just fits over the open rim of the jar but llisn't big enough that once you slip it over the, it will be flimsy.  So just slightly small than the lid cover.  
Different jars will have different openings, so once you find that perfect balance, just use that as your pattern!
 4. Cut a piece of black ribbon to wrap around the lid of the complete the top-hat look.
 5. Give that man a face!  I used Puffy Paints, but regular acrylic craft paint works too.
 6. You can stop here if you'd like.  And gift your little snowman with a couple bags of hot chocolate.  Everything up to this step, including ALL materials cost me ~$2.50 per gift set to make 12.
7. Thanks to my new friend, Amy...there can be MORE to this Snowman...take another jar and fill it with Hot Cocoa Mix.  (I didn't have a large jar, so I used the individual serving packets.  It fits 5 servings)
 8. Hot glue some buttons on it...and Hot Glue your Marshmallow Jar to the top of the Cocoa jar.
 9. Use up some ribbon or Scrap Fabric for the scarf! (I just cut the ends for "fringe")


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