Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glitter Jingle Bell Wreath

This is such a fun craft for the holiday and it's got glitter and jingle bells - I mean you can't go wrong!  I love glitter especially in Christmas decorations!  So here it is from Little Birdie Secrets:

glass glitter jingle bell wreath tutorial

This year I'm obsessed with glitter. But not just any glitter--German glass glitter. It's actually made from ground up glass, and it is absolutely gorgeous. You can find beautiful glitter glassherehere, and here. Don't you love how these jingle bells look like they're frosty?

There are different grits of glass glitter. Here are examples of fine, medium, and large grit glass glitters. I think for the jingle bells I preferred the medium grit.

I saw a glitter-encrusted jingle bell at PB the other day, so I pulled out my jingle bell supply and got to work glittering up every last one. Here's how to glitter a jingle bell or two and then turn them into a wreath. They're great as ornaments, gift toppers, even gift tags. Gorgeous.

Glittered Jingle Bell Wreath Tutorial

*Glitter (in a bowl with plastic spoon)
*Jingle balls
*Craft spray adhesive
*Craft wire
*Ribbon and trim

1. Cut a few inches of wire to hold your jingle bell. You can string two or three at a time as long as you leave a little room between them.

2. Hold a can of all-purpose craft adhesive spray 6-8 inches away from jingle bell on the wire. Spray on all sides.

3. Quickly dip in glitter, using spoon to spoon glitter on all sides of jingle bell until covered.

Repeat with about 30 small jingle bells for a small wreath. Change the number for bigger or smaller wreaths--you can play around with it.

4. Lay half your jingle bells out in the shape of a wreath. Cut a piece of wire just longer than you need for the shape of the wreath. String jingle bells on. They will fall double-wide along the wire.

5. When your wreath is full, push ends of wire into bells on opposite sides. Wrap the ends of wire around the main wreath wire to secure. Cover the ends with bells.

6. Add a loop of ribbon tied in a bow so you can hang it. I added a little piece of tinsel for extra holiday cheer.

These are so cute as an ornament, a gift topper,

or even a fancy gift tag.


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  1. Oh, this is just sooooo cute. Love the jingle, jangle of Jingle Bells. Christmas is just around the corner.:)