Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rosette Bracelet

I found this tutorial on So I Saw this Tutorial.  It's fabulous!  An adorable bracelet and wonderful instructions on how to make it.  I think I might even make one with my daughter - she will LOVE this!  Enjoy!

Fabric - I love remnants and scraps for this
Felt - preferably in a color matching the fabric if at all possible, if not, no big
Ribbon - 7/8" in a color matching the fabric if you can, if not, use a coordinating color and I've used as small as 5/8" but I prefer 7/8"
Scissors & Hot Glue Gun

Now this is a typical remnant you might find at your local fabric store and was 29" by 44/45".

1. Folded it in half, and half again to cut. I love this project because you don't have to iron, measure in any real way, or even cut straight! lol

2. So you cut a strip and it should be 44"x1.5".

3. Cut this in half to create your 22"x 1.5" strip, this size turned out rosettes perfect sized to fit 5 to a bracelet.

4. Now take one end and fold it in half and then half again.

5. Then take a hold of the end and twist the rest and wrap it around the end.

6. Keep doing that until you run out of fabric :) Basically, you can't mess this up!

Believe me, I've tried lol

You just keep twisting and there's no rhyme or reason to it, just twist until you get the shape and size you want.

And then you have a rosette :) You can do this with fabric, ribbon (grosgrain holds better than satin), paper, crepe paper, even tulle! They all look awesome and can be used in TONS of ways :)

7. Now, take your hot glue gun and just put glue all over the back of the rosette.

8. Stick it down onto a piece of felt and push down for a few seconds.

9. Once you have all 5 down, cut them each out.

10. Then cut around the rosette as close to the glue as you can. You don't want to see the felt after you glue it down.

11. Next, find the center of your ribbon. My ribbon measured 30" but I could have gone with more, just depends on how much you like hanging from the bow.

12. Apply hot glue only to the area that will touch the ribbon, as you can see the ribbon is smaller than the rosette. You don't want to glue your bracelet to the mat ;)

13. To avoid a big gap between roses when you wear it, push the rosettes together when you apply the next ones.

It should look something like this ... ish ...

Once you've attached them, it should look something like this.

14. Now at this point when I put it on, it still had a little gaping between the roses. I wasn't loving that. So I tied the ribbon together and put a few dots of hot glue between each rose and pushed them together so you couldn't see it.

Then I LOVED it :) It's a lot stiffer now, really holds it's shape. I think I might go back and do this to the white one!

The back :)

Oh it just looks so PRETTY! I LOOOOVE it!

And ya know what ... it took me maybe a half an hour? And THAT included stopping every 2.5 minutes to take a picture ;)

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  1. Just darling, might even look cute as a choker around the neck.