Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Painted Plates Garden Art

Wow - this looks so beautiful and what a great addition to your garden!  Pretty cheap to make too from Infarrantly Creative:

Dishes from Dollar Tree
E6000 Glue
glass marbles from Dollar Tree
paint brushes
rubbing alcohol
3/8” coupling ($1 at home store)
threaded rod ($2 at home store)
Deco Art glass paint (see colors below)

1.  Wash all of your glass pieces with soap and water.  Once dry lightly wipe them with alcohol to get all the soap residue off.  This will help the paint to have maximum adhesion.
2.  With the turquoise Crystal Gloss Enamels and the Turquoise Frost Glass Enamel paint big brush strokes onto the sides of your big plate alternating paints.  At this point both of the paints look similar but when they are dry they will look different.
3.  Start in the center and paint outwards with the Blue Crystal Gloss Enamel on the small plate.
4. With the flower dish paint the center upwards with Turquoise Gloss Enamels.  The big brush stoke will give some great dimension to the flower.  Once dry stripe the center up with Turquoise 3D Frost Gloss Enamel writer.
5.  Drip blue Gloss Stain Pearlescent in a stripe pattern into the candle holder and let it pool at the bottom.
6.  Once the pieces are fully dry glue them together with a generous amount of E6000 glue.  Then leave them undisturbed to cure overnight.
7.  You can stop here and display the pretty flower on a plate rack.  However I think the glass marbles just add a little something to it.  Embellish them with swirls with the White 3D Opaque Glass Writer.  Glue the marbles around the large plate with E6000.
8.  You can also add some of the White Opaque Gloss Writer to the edge of the dishes or add polka dots for more interest.
9.  After everything has dried then glue (be generous) your 3/8” coupling nut onto the back.  Thread a 3’ threaded rod into the nut and stick it into your landscaping for some cool garden art.
For more glass paint ideas visit Deco Art.  All of these paints mentioned in the post can be found at Michaels.  It isn’t in with the regular paint though it has its own little section by the vases and flowers.

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  1. So pretty and looks fairly easy also. My kind of project:-)