Thursday, June 13, 2013

Monster Origami Bookmarks

This activity looks like so much fun and what a great way to encourage reading for your kiddos!  I found this from Ctbakerinttheacers and her instructions are fabulous!  Just need a little cardstock and your imagination!

Origami Monster Bookmarks! Cute, huh?

Card stock or construction paper in various colors
Hole punch for embellishments

We started with a 6x6 square
Fold into a triangle
Fold the left corner to the center point
Fold the right corner to the center point
Open up to a triangle again and fold one flap of the center point to the bottom
Re-fold the left corner towards the center point and tuck it into the "pocket"
Re-fold the right corner toward the center point and tuck it into the "pocket"

Cut a contrasting square slightly smaller than the 3x3 pocket
Apply glue and press inside
Cut embellishments- teeth, eyes, nose, tongue, etc.
Apply glue and press in place
Slide them onto the page corner of your favorite book
and voila!

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