Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Love

Here is a fun thing to make with your kiddos or just for your kiddos to count down to Valentine's day.  From eighteen25, this idea is really cute and really simple,  and what fun for them!  The example shows two 2 kisses each, but since I have three kiddos, I will change mine to three instead.

kiss me countdown

the perfect little treat for your kids or even your significant other.


bag of Hershey Kisses
cellophane - about 30 inches long
scrapbook paper
the how-to:
-cut a strip of cellophane long ways about 4" wide
-tie your first twine bow about an inch down on your cellophane
-add 2 kisses and tie another bow
-continue until you have added 13 days worth of kisses
*in order to fit all 13 days worth of kisses be sure to keep everything real tight!

- download the tag HERE
- print the tag on some fun scrapbook paper
- trim and snip the corners to make a tag shape 
- back in a coordinating cardstock
- punch a hole and tie to the top of the countdown
- (optional) use a glue dot to position the tag out to the side - otherwise it will just hang straight down
- start counting down on February 1st!

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