Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY ~ Easter Egg Tree

Produced by Gema Beneitez

Step 1: Color the Eggs

Wrap rubber bands around raw eggs. Mix 20 drops food coloring, 3 cups water and 2 tablespoons vinegar. Add the eggs and leave for 10 minutes. Push pins into an art board, 1/2-in. apart, to create a grid for drying. Remove eggs and leave to dry.
Step 1: Color the EggsSue Ferris[+]

Step 2: Remove Yolk and White

Remove rubber bands. Use a pin to make a hole in the base of an egg, then perforate around it to extend the hole to 1/8-in. wide. Make a hole in the top the same width as the dropper nozzle. Insert the nozzle and squeeze the pump, forcing the egg into a bowl.
Step 2: Remove Yolk and WhiteSue Ferris[+]

Step 3: String Up the Shells

Cut 12-in. lengths of 3/16-in.-wide ribbon and knot one end of each. Bend the end of a 6-in. piece of fine wire into a loop, thread ribbon through and feed the wire and ribbon through the egg, using the knot as a stopper. Tie onto painted branches or bamboo.
Step 3: String Up the ShellsSue Ferris[+]
Finished TreeSue Ferris[+]

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