Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine's Napkin Wreath

Fun Valentine's Wreath to make with only paper napkins!  This fabulous idea from Today is my Someday is a great way to make a cute and simple Valentine's decoration at little to no cost:

Combination of luncheon napkins and  cocktail napkins
Styrofoam wreath form
Glue gun
Straight Pins
Ribbon for hanging

1- Tear open a package of napkins. 

2- Grab the napkin in the middle and twist

Valentine napkin wreath

3- Wrap the white wreath form with the smaller cocktail napkins, so that nothing would show through in the “empty” spaces.  I secured the napkins using regular straight pins

Jan 13 2012 028

4- Poke holes into the wreath form with a pencil, so that you can insert the twisted end of the napkin.

valentines napkin wreath 2

5- Dab a little hot glue in the end of each twisted piece and shoved it in the hole as quickly as possible.  Do this all the way around filling each hole with a twisted napkin.  It is surprisingly full looking when you are done!

Paper Napkin Wreath
6- Last, add a ribbon for hanging and a bow to make it pretty!

Jan 13 2012 051x


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  1. So cute-I really like this. Easy and not expensive.