Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Ring


Here is a fun tutorial to start to year off right!  I haven't made any rings yet - but this one seems doable and like it will hold up pretty well.  It calls for 18 gauge wire, I think I might use 16 gauge for extra strength and sturdiness.  Great tutorial from I Spy DIY:

Jewelry Pliers

1. Start with 6" of wire
2. In the middle create a loop to fit your finger, I wrapped around a chapstick tube to create a rounded circle.
3. With your round pliers, grab the top
4. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the right loop of the bow
5. Next grab the bottom wire
6. Bend over the top of the pliers to create the second loop
7. Adjust so your loops are even
6. Take the end of the left loop, and wrap around the center, through the ring
7. Trim the ends of the wire
* If the ends are sharp, file down to dull edges


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