Monday, September 17, 2012

KIDS: Toy Organization

KIDS: Toy Organization!

Awesome ideas to organize your kiddos "stuff" from

Tips from these photos:
  • Display your child’s art projects on the wall with a magnetic strip, clothesline wire, or pushpins into a sliver of cork-board/bulletin board material. (Photo 1)
  • Invest in some brightly woven baskets for toy storage (I love how this one has handles! – Photo 1)
  • Opt for a more classic look with neutral baskets rather than the typical bright colors (Photo 2)
  • Frame photos of your children and family above their toy storage for a sweet touch (Photo 2)
  • If dress-up is more of a way of life in your household, create a child-size, dress-up rack for easy costume access whenever the imagination takes hold (Photo 3)
  • Make your own clear, drawstring toy bags (Perfect for travel and works in the house as well – Photo 4), See tutorial at
  • Expand space with these Bulk Bins from Pottery Barn Kids or construct your own version using vegetable crates (Photo 5), See tutorial at
  • Try a toy chest — the consummate toy catchall. Growing up, I stored my toys in a similar chest, and I can’t help but feel partial to this oldie but goodie. (Photo 6)
  • Label toys with images rather than words for pre-readers (Photo 7 – another great example of staying neutral with the baskets)
  • Intermix books, toys, and storage bins into cubbies for a playful and accessible display (Photo 8) I also LOVE the globes for an inexpensive d├ęcor choice.
  • Create “shelf swings” for your child’s stuffed animals and dolls (Photo 9)
  • Take advantage of every space with large, pullout toy drawers/bins underneath play tables, beds, etc. (Photo 10)
  • Go vertical with tall bookshelves filled with colorful children’s books (Photo 11)
  • If possible, leave ample space between play-sets. You want to designate certain areas of the room for specific activities — reading area, dollhouse area, train set, etc. (Photo 11)
  • Color-coordinate toy/book cubbies (Photo 12)
  • Inspire your kids with fabric-covered letters spelling out words of encouragement (Photo 12)
  • Give rolling toy crates a whirl (Photo 13)
  • Use personalized buckets instead of the usual baskets and bins (Photo 14)
  • Mount two bookshelves next to one another to assemble a Toy Storage Central (Photo 15)

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    Great idea of keeping all the kids toys in a proper way.
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