Thursday, September 6, 2012

Girls Nail Art

OK, here's an idea that I can't wait to try out with my daughter!  For all our little girls with little girls, I have a great idea for simple nail art!

All you need is some blue painters tape or masking tape available at any hardware store or even Walmart and some small scrap-booking punches.  Use the punch to punch out the shape into the tape and then place it on the nail.  You can either paint the shape one color or even use the part that you punched out, place it on the nail and paint over it.  Peel the tape off and you have a perfect shape every time!  Awesome!!

How to Get Perfect Shapes on your Nails Update!

I made an update for the "How to get perfect shapes on your nails" Post (original). It's a much simpler design and has very easy to follow steps. 

I also created this little mini quick reference "cheat sheet" for the steps. 

These are the materials you will need. Hole Puncher(s) I found smaller heart one at the dollar store, Nail polishes and masking tape (painters tape works also and I find it easier to work with thin tape).

Paint your nails with the base color you chose. Let them dry completely! This is important because you avoid smudges. 

Punch out your shape with the hole puncher. It may be tricky because of the stickiness of the tape, just be gentle when tugging. Then attach the tape to your nail firmly, you want to prevent the polish from bleeding. 

Apply polish over your shape. Gently pull off the tape before it dries. Be fun and creative in this step, add dots, glitter, leopard print anything that comes to mind in this step. Its easy to do it because the masking tape is covering the nail and its almost impossible to mess up! I stayed simple for this tut. 

Apply your top coat and you're done! 

Here is a close up look of the heart with the glitter. 

Another close up.

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