Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do Your Kids Love Lego's???

My son LOVES Lego's and I find it very difficult to keep them all organized.  He likes the kits as well as regular Lego's he can create on his own.  Right now, we use Zip Lock storage bags to keep all the different kits together and contained.  I just found this excellent idea on Pinterest, however, to create not only a great organizational system for my son's Lego's, but also an area where he can play also.  Check this out:

Lego Table
Made from four slotted organizers from IKEA. The bins (also from IKEA) are made to slide into all the nice slots.
The table top is made from a 5' x 5' piece of baltic birch plywood cut to 4' 8". with rounded corners of the top, routed 1/8" edge, and sanded using an orbital sander. Spray paint (first coat is white primer, then royal blue -- which matched the blue LEGO color exactly, and then a clear coat) bought from Home Depot.
This is AWESOME!!!  I can't wait to put it on my hubby's To Do list :)

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