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20 Different Bottle Cap Crafts

Main Ingredient Monday- 20 Bottle Cap Projects

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Welcome to Main Ingredient Monday!

1 Main Ingredient + Tons of Creativity = 20 "New" and amazing projects
20 awesome bottle cap crafts and projects
Last week my neighbor, Gayle, texted me this picture and asked if I had any ideas of what to create with all of these saved bottlecaps. Nothing immediately came to mind, but when I went over to Pinterest I found a ton of inspiration!
20 fabulous bottle cap craft and project DIY Ideas
Here are my 20 favorite bottle cap ideas for you.
If you have a fabulous bottle cap project you have completed, send me the link and I will include it in this collection!
***Coming up with new main ingredients can be challenging! If you have an idea for MIM, please share it with me***
don't. Start saving them, get a few from your friends and family, make friends with a bartender, and resurrect them into some topographic wall art.   Fossil, the vintage-leaning accessory company, shows you how-to create a map of the U.S. in recyclables, securely attaching colorful bottle caps
U.S.A. map from Man Made
another flower to run out and stick in my yard since I don't do any real gardening ;-)
Plant stake flower from The Experimental Crafter
TIC TAC TOE with Bottle Caps
Tic Tac Toe game via Bottle Cap Co.
Salvaged Chakras - seven bottle cap trivets
Chakra trivets from Retrocamme
these appear to be nailed on, but I think glue would look better. May have to do a W for my husband's man cave.
Wall typography from Aileen Rae
Beautiful way to upcycle bottle caps. Drop the flower and pin and just leave these painted bottle caps for strangers to find. Make someone's day!!!!
Brooches from Creative Kismet
Photo thumbtacks and magnets from Martha Stewart
A good use for all those bottle caps we have on hand.
Mirror from ESOB Designs
2013 Christmas Beer Bottle Cap Ornament, DIY Christmas Bottle Cap Craft, Christmas Decor Ideas
Bottle cap Christmas tree ornaments
 Bottle Cap Flower Craft for Kids - It’s a great idea for a homemade #MothersDay card! (pinned by Super Simple Songs) #preschool #kidscrafts
Flower card via Crafty Morning
Bottle Cap Curtain! by XianRex, via Flickr
Curtain via Flickr
 Bottle Cap State Art - could do with wine corks, too!
Kids room decor from Beneath My Heart
bar backsplash
Backsplash via Apartment Therapy
Pincushion ring from Pretty Prudent
Serving tray from Sweet Something Designs
Bottle cap craft: Table runner!
Bottlecap table runner from Rettocamme
 Recycled Bottle Cap Craft Ideas
Key chains via Vitamin Ha!
 Beer Bottle Cap Holder Shadow Box  Keep Calm by ChrisONeillDesigns, $85.00
Keep calm shadow box from Chris Oneill Designs
Ginny!  bottle cap necklace - Painted Bottle Caps could make this necklace pretty neat.  I am sure one of my daughters will try this.
Necklace from Over the Top 
Fullscreen capture 7302014 44056 PM
Nail polish magnets from Buzzfeed 
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