Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Solutions: Start the New Year Off Right with these 25 Budgeting Tips

25+ Budgeting Tips

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It seems like everyone is looking for ways to cut back these days.  No matter how much we make, there’s always going to be something that gobbles up our hard earned cash.  Here’s some of my favorite budget saving tips!
1.  Everything I’ve been reading laetely says to start with a budget.  Write it all down.  Here’s a great resource for some budgeting worksheets.
monthly budget
2. After your budget worksheets are filled out, look at your grocery lists.  This can really do damage to the checkbook if we aren’t careful.  4 Great tips here to show you how to tame the groceries each month!
grocery carts
3.  Be organized.  I’ve heard this before how being unorganized can cost you money and boy do I believe it!  Here’s 8 ways being organized saves you money.
 4.  I am in LOVE with this idea.  A budget binder.
5. Utilities can drain the money too!  Here’s 35 ways to save money on your utilities.
utility bill
6.  Have you tried thrift store shopping?  This articles has some great tips on what to look for.
7.  Even More grocery tips -How to cut the grocery bill in HALF. Here.
8.  Christmas is coming…this article has great tips to plan now! Here.
9.  These are great baby budgeting tips!  There’s even plenty of useful ideas for those without babies.  Here.
10.  Do you like the show called “Chopped”? Learn to play it at home, avoid the grocery store and use up the food you might normally leave behind.  Super smart idea here!
Refrigerator full of food
11. Going on a family vacation this year?  Here’s some great tips and a worksheet to help you save money while on vacation.
12.  The envelope system is always a good way to go. There’s a great explanation here.
envelope system
13.  Natural cleaners aren’t only better for our health, but are a ton cheaper too.  This article has great basic recipes to use in the bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry room.
14. Headed on a road trip soon?  Here’s 14 ways to save big!
15. Have you heard of the “3 month rule”?  This is an amazing way to be sure you are spending your saved up money on the right things.  Here.
 16.  5 ways to Save on Gas – some things I’ve never thought about before! Here.
17.  How to manage your money when you reach the BOTTOM of the barrel. Get your budget back on track here.
18. Budget like a pro! 8 Budget Basics. Here.
19.  Couponing?  Here’s some of the best links for some great deal sites. So many deals, so little time! Here.
20.  I need to totally remember this one for the teenager at my house who loves to go clothes shopping! How to find fashion BARGAINS. Here.
21.  Make homemade baby food. Awesome pictures and directions. Here.
22. Do you shop at the Dollar Store?  What to buy and what not to try – TONS of good ideashere to save $$!
23. The other day I watched my friend wrap presents with Kraft paper and kept thinking the whole time, what a great idea! Here’s a ton of other fab ways to use Kraft paper!
24.  Cloth diapers 101.  Anything you want to know about cloth diapers, it’s here!
25. And finally, a TON of DIY gift ideas.  I LOVE giving homemade gifts.  It’s my goal for Christmas this year to give out more of them. Amazing list and tutorials here.

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