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Matchboxes ~ All Dressed Up

Matchbox - Dressed Up
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Video Tutorial – Making a Chest Out Of Matchboxes – Designed for Alpha Stamps

I’m so excited to be bringing you my first evervideo tutorial and to share with you how to make a Matchbox Chest.
The overall size of the chest including the feet and handle is 4 ½” tall by 3 ½" wide.  This chest would make a perfect gift (if you can stand to part with it).  You can fill the drawers with love notes, candy, charms, jewelry or little pieces of art like Inchies.
In the tutorial I’ll cover the supplies you’ll need and the steps to create this matchbox chest.  I’ve also created two other versions of the chest to give you even more ideas of what you can do with matchboxes.

So sit back and relax and enjoy learning how to make a chest out of matchboxes.

Be sure to watch part one before watching part two.

As a companion to the video, I’ve created a PDF document that contains the supply lists for all three versions of the matchbox chest and the detailed instructions that are in the video.
Products I Used That You Can Find At Alpha Stamps
French Labels Collage Sheet

Large Version – Matchbox Chest
It’s really easy to scale the chest up in size.  This larger version of the chest is very similar the small version except that I used matchboxes that measure 4 ½” x 2 ½”.  This size of matchboxes is sometimes referred to a kitchen matches.  
The base is larger than the one in the small version.  This is to accommodate the larger feet.  The feet I used are no longer available but Alpha Stamps carries feet that would work great for a chest this size and I think they are even prettier than what I used.
Instead of a metal handle I used ribbon.
In honor of my matchbox chests and this tutorial,Alpha Stamps is offering two NEW Collage Sheets full of French ephemera.  I’ve used some of the images on the top and back of the chest.  One is the Vintage French Ads Collage Sheet and the other is the French Labels Collage Sheet (you can see the fabulous images on the sheets pictured below.)
I’ve used some of the images from the new collage sheets on the top and back of the chest.
Products I Used That You Can Find At Alpha Stamps
Vanity Chest – Made with a Cigar Box Top
After creating the first chest I decided to build this version using a combination matchboxes and a tiny Masonite cigar box creating a hinged vanity.  The overall dimensions are 6” tall by 4” wide.
Inside the vanity you’ll find perfume bottles, powder boxes, brush and comb, a mirror, jewelry and a key to perhaps a secret diary.

Products I Used That You Can Find At Alpha Stamps
Mini Chandelier Crystals

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and have fun creating your own Matchbox Chest!!

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