Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Plastic Bag Bracelet

Here's a fun little bracelet to make with or for your little girl.  All you need are some old plastic bags which most of us have lying around and satin cord.  Follow this great tutorial from Make it Easy Crafts:

Recycled plastic bag braided bracelet

Looking for an easy Kid’s craft to make on those long winter evenings?  This braided bracelet is simple and extra special when you personalize it with school colors or just a favorite color.  Each bracelet uses one clear plastic bag that newspapers come in when it’s raining or wet outside.  The ones around my neck of the woods are 21” x 7” or 24” x 8 ½”.  Either size works great.  So make one or a ton, you decide.

Note:  This is a great project for older kids with supervision.  Always keep plastic bags away from babies and toddlers.

You will need:

Clear plastic bag (The ones that newspapers come in when its raining)

Satin cord in desired colors

Clear tape



Sharpie marker

1. Work on a surface where you can tape one side of the bag down.  (Kitchen counter or piece of corrugated cardboard. 

2. Tape the bottom edges onto your particular work surface.  Measure down the bag 15” for small bracelet, 16” for medium, and 17 ½” for large.  Cut off at that mark.

3. Cut three evenly spaced sections up the bag to one inch before you reach the closed edge.  There will be three sections with two layers of plastic in each section. 

4. Cut one length of satin cord the same length as the bag for each section and attach to the top with a small piece of tape.

5. Begin to braid the sections using the middle one as the anchor.  Over and under much like you would braid your hair.  Continue down the bag keeping the same tension. When you reach the bottom wrap a piece of tape around the ends and cut.  Wrap a piece of tape around the opposite end as well, remove from your work surface and cut the ends even.  Discard the extra cord and plastic.

6. Bring both ends together, one on top of the other and carefully wrap clear plastic tape around to secure.  Press tightly to make sure that the tape has secured the bracelet and add another piece of tape if needed. 

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