Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flower garland

Saw this lovely picture on Pinterest and thought how easy would that be to make!

All you need are
some live/fake carnations or another flower that has a medium base
fishing line
Hotglue gun

1.  Thread your needle with as much fishing line as you will need to hang this up in your child's doorway probably about 5 -6 feet.
2.  Thread through the base of the flower and add space the flowers out about two inches or so - whoever full you want it to look.
3.  Make at least 9- 10 strings full of flowers.
4.  Then cut two pieces of thick ribbon about 2 - 3 inches wide the length of your doorway.
5.  Next glue each top of your fishing line with your hot glue to one side of the ribbon and then glue the other ribbon over the top so the line is sandwiched between the two ribbons.

Voila!  Beautiful garland for your little girl's door!

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