Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe 2011 is coming to a close.  To me, it feels like the year has flown by, which is good because having my husband deployed this whole year has not been easy.  I'm so glad he will be coming home in just a few short weeks, my kids and I are so excited!!  Every new year, I always make this long list of resolutions - the token eat healthier and exercise regularly are always at the top of the list, but this year, I thought I would try something different.  Rather than make some long list and doom myself to failure before I've even begun, I'm going to concentrate on one word for this coming year.  What is this word you say, well, my word is "Joy."  Why "Joy"?  Well, I have noticed that this year I was extremely busy, which was good I like being busy, but in that business I sometimes missed those moments of joy, playing with my kids, laughing with them, relaxing with a book, enjoying the beautiful landscape that God has provided for us.  It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day things like work, laundry, preparing meals, scrubbing toilets and miss the blessings that are all around us.  So this year, I want to focus on the joy of life, love, family, friends, nature, and of course, jewelry :)

If you could pick any word to concentrate on this year, what would you choose and why?

On behalf of myself and my mom (GirlieGals) we wish everyone a very

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  1. What a wonderful sentiment and I totally agree. Sometimes life just passes us by and we miss all the joy and wonder all around us. By capturing that happiness we not only improve our own lives, but all those we touch along the way.