Monday, September 26, 2011

What Makes you Remember Freedom?

Here is an excellent treasury created by a member of my Homefront Team celebrating Freedom, America, and our WONDERFUL Soldiers!!!
These are some examples of what American Freedom represents.  When I think of our freedom, I think of our troops and their families.  We are a nation full of brave men and women and I am proud of my husband and honored to be an Army wife. What reminds you of freedom?

Patriotic Heart Flag Pin Brooch Hand StitchedDad a sons first Hero a daughters first LOVE Wall DecalAnchor, Burgundy Pearl, and Heart - A Sailor's Love Necklace
Pandora Style Army BraceletRemembering Freedom BraceletTactical Wristbands w/ 5/8" Plastic Clasp
Newborn Military dad body suit-50% off labor day saleKnit Helmet Liner, Balaclava, or Ski Mask in Olive GreenWelcome Home Daddy, You are My Hero Bottle Cap Bow
Tactical Dog CollarECARD Vote 2012Vintage Peace Sign Necklace
Sharp Shooter -  Military Greeting CardRuffled Camo Checkbook Cover - ACU, ABU, Desert, NWU - lots of options Until They All Come Home Wing necklace with crystallized swarovski
Home is Where His Boots are Sign


  1. I see our stars and stripes on Old Glory and my heart bursts with pride and patriotism. I think of all who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. I think of my Dad and what he and "The Greatest Generation" went through during WWII. I think of my friends and schoolmates during the Vietnam era. I think of my son-in-law and all the present day troops who are serving their country. Our Flag reminds me of freedom because of all it stands for.
    God Bless America!! God Bless Our Troops!!

  2. Thank you very much for the mention! I enjoyed making this Treasury for The HomeFront Team Members, we have some great shops and team members. You are among the best.