Friday, September 16, 2011

Army Pride Set and Teardrop Cluster Earrings

If you love the US Army like I do, you will love my newest set!  I made an adorable bracelet and earring set that any Army lover would love!  My husband is in the Army, so I am, of course, biased to that branch!
The thing that makes the bracelet so special is the middle charm which holds the Army emblem on one side and a St. Christopher metal on the other.  I love this and will be making some bookmarks to send overseas with these charms soon.  I blended some styles when creating the bracelet using both Pandora style beads as well as a smaller hole handcrafted bead that I really wanted on this bracelet.  The two camoflauge looking beads are actually made from BDU's  (the army Basic Dress Uniform - no longer used) by a fellow Etsy artisan.  I think she has recently closed her shop as I have tried to  get her info on here and can't find her on Etsy anymore.  I added more Pandora style beads and some cute Army charms to finish all on a cute silver chain.  I love it and I hope my fellow Army fans will love it as well.  The earrings are a simple little accent as well made from the camoflauge beads and a cute Army charm. 

My Teardrop cluster earrings I have been wanting to make for a while.  I was actually waiting on some supplies before I could start.  These earrings are so pretty, they just sparkle in the light.  The pictures do not do them justice, they are much prettier in person.  The are made entirely of swarovski crystals.  The drops were wrapped at the top in a rustic wrap and each earring has 8 smaller 6mm bicones in topaz and smoky topaz to add to the lovely sparkly look.  Perfect for the fall season!  Our weather here in Virginia just turned cool and I actually had to put a light coat on - fall is in the air and Christmas is just around the corner!
Tell me what you think or share your Army stories, I would love to hear them!


  1. Really love your Army set! What a unique and wonderful idea. Great tribute and pretty also.

    Your Topaz Earrings are absolutely breathtaking!
    Beautiful work!

  2. I love your cluster earrings! Perfect for fall & they look like little pineapples too. Very nice!