Make your partner’s day with one of these romantic and fun surprises for him.

By: Lorraine Allen
Surprising someone you love is a fun way to show how much you love him. When raising a family, the pressures on parents add up quickly and keep coming. And though we might think of surprises for our partners around birthdays, it’s important to include elements of fun and surprise in your marriage often. It can keep you connected to your partner, it reminds him how important he is to you, and it keeps the spark alive. So here are 16 great ideas for fun and romantic surprises, for a variety of budgets, to inspire you:
1. Show up at his office with tickets to a show or concert.
2. Meet him out for dinner with a packed bag and train ticket for a weekend getaway.
3. Make his very favorite breakfast on a weekday that’s looking particularly hard for him.
4. Have a surprise sitter show up on a weekend day and surprise him with an afternoon at home, just the two of you, or a chance to go out and enjoy the day off, without kids OR work for once.
5. Leave him a message on his phone just to tell him how much you love him. Nothing else.
6. Write him a love note and slip it in his wallet.
7. Buy something small and special, and put it on his pillow to surprise him at the end of a long day.
8. On your next family vacation, or one random evening after work, book him a deep-tissue massage.
9. Invite a few of his best buddies over the next time his favorite sports team has a big game, and then take the kids out to a movie to give the “boys” time to reconnect.
10. Write him a card telling him how much you appreciate all his hard work and all he does to support your family, and send it to his office.
11. Surprise him with his favorite dinner (either takeout or homemade), balloons, a nice dessert, music, candles, and even a gift or card -- celebrate him, randomly, one evening just because he deserves it.
12. Fix (or pay someone to fix) things around the house that have been on his to-do list forever. It’ll be a real treat for him to not have to worry about them anymore!
13. Pamper him at home. Buy him new PJs and a great book, run him a hot bath, and make him a cup of hot cocoa so he can really relax.
14. Pretend to plan a weekend with extended family, but surprise him that day with tickets somewhere exotic, and truly surprising, for just the two of you.
15. Redo your bedroom while he’s not around. You can find loads of creative ideas for any budget on the web, in magazines and on home-decorating TV shows.
16. If he’s traveling for work, surprise him by showing up at his hotel one evening, or just send him a care package there.
Do you have any great ideas for ways to surprise your spouse or partner?