Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday's "Jewelry Spotlight" is Featuring Edi Schaefer of Edi's Little Treasures

Tuesday's "Jewelry Spotlight" is featuring Edi Schaefer of Edi's Little Treasures

Hello, My Name is Edi) I have been making mostly wire wrap jewelry since summer of 2007. I enjoy making and designing jewelry and I very much enjoy custom orders.:)
Sometimes color determents the design, sometimes I know exactly what I need to do. I mainly use 925 sterling silver, or pure copper wire. I also like to oxidize my jewelry to give it some 'character' and or a bit of a vintage look, per say.

Stones... I use just about anything I can find.As long as it is unusual, and 'perfect'. I only use the best and the prettiest stones and crystals I can find. My favorite stones are .. Larimar, Vesuvianite, Andalusite, various fossil stones, Dinosaur bone, Labradorite.. and well ,..many more you'll find these and many more in my shop. I'm a rock hound and my search for the coolest stones never ends :)
Special Orders are welcome.. mater of fact I thrive on them, and some of my best work comes from special orders.

I am also a member of wwes, wold wide etsy sellers. 
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