Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Print on Post It Notes


I first saw the idea to print on post-it notes on Kristen's blog "Inkablinka"....(here).  It got me thinking it would be fun to make little post-it note handouts for various reasons.  I'm in the process of making Sunday School handouts for 2012 for the 12/13 year old's using post-it notes.  I created a few templates that I thought I would share....in case you'd like to make your own.

http://c586412.r12.cf2.rackcdn.com/threebythreetemp.jpg     http://c586412.r12.cf2.rackcdn.com/twobyonehalf.jpg
    3 x 3 Template - Click here                   2 x 1.5 template - Click here
STEP 1 - Open your file and print it BEFORE you start working on the file.  You want a blank template to start with so you know where to put the post it notes to print properly.

STEP 2 - Keep the same file open and type your message or notes in the first box.  Copy and paste your text into the remaining five boxes. 

STEP 3 - Before you print, put a post it note on each box of your template.  Put it face down on your printer and print as you normally would.  Your message/note should be within each of the six boxes (as pictured below).

http://c586412.r12.cf2.rackcdn.com/threebythreetemp2.jpg        http://c586412.r12.cf2.rackcdn.com/threebythreetemp1.jpg

STEP 4 - Finished!  Peel off post it notes and place in scriptures, dayplanner, calendar, etc. 

Let's say you've printed a set of notes as a reminder for an activity, choir practice, etc.  I have made a template you can use (below) that can fit the post-it note.  All you do, is open it in Word and type your information in the white box.  Print it out and place your post it note in the grey box.  Also, if you don't want your text to have the box around it, just double click on the line and select "no outline".

Don't forget template 1 - [doc] [docx]

Don't forget template 2 - [doc] [docx]

Don't forget template 3 - [doc] [docx]

Don't forget template 4 - [doc] [docx]

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