Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cuff Bracelets...The New Fashion Craze

Cuff bracelets are becoming this year's biggest fashion craze!! Here is a bit of history on the Cuff...

History of the Cuff Bracelet

Written by  Sandra Castaneda
The cuff bracelet has an intriguing and long standing history of adornment extending from several thousands of years B.C. to the present time. Cuff bracelets were prominent in Egyptian history, as well as a Mayan and Incan adornment in the Americas.
In the Mayan culture, jewelry was an important aspect to royal dress, and an important measure of social class. The cuff bracelet is a solid, rigid, usually wide, minimally decorated bracelet almost always composed of metal and was worn only by Mayan Kings. It appears that the Mayan cuff was a singular representation of not only rank but also family. Mayan cuff bracelet’s different designs were found in several of the more prominent Mayan cities, such as Yaxchilan, Palenque, Tikal, Copan and Quirigua.
Sibilia Pachacamac Cuff BraceletPachacamac Sanctuary
    “Sibilia” Pachacamac Glossary Link Patina Cuff Bracelet  
“Pachacamac Ruins/Lima,Peru
Cuff bracelets date back to circa 1000 - 1500, where they were found in Inca graves. Cuff bracelets were also worn by the Roman’s, Egyptians, countries throughout Africa, and other early cultures, including ancient China. In Egypt, pharaohs are seen in wall paintings with multicolored bracelets consisting of parallel vertical stripes of jewels or glass. Lesser members of the court do not display this adornment.

Nubian Royalty Cuff BraceletSibilia Juana Hammered Gold Cuff
Nubian Royalty  wearing Cuff Bracelets  
“Sibilia” Juana Gold Cuff Bracelet
Today bracelets are amongst the most popular forms of jewelry. With the exception of earrings, bracelets are the most popular jewelry in the world. Jewelry is testament to how history repeats itself! Comparing jewelry from hundreds of years ago to contemporary jewelry, we will notice that ancient jewelry continues to inspire our current styles.

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