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I think I woke up too early this morning. I am in a mood where I can't go back to sleep, but I don't want to fully get up. So I'm compromising with this post in bed. It makes both of my consciouses happy.
By the way - I hope you are prepared for some amazing jewelry in this post!
I know that my last post was a bracelet tutorial, but the two inspirations are on such different levels, I am going ahead and doing another. Do you see the intricate craziness above and below? These pieces are by the designer, Courtney Prince. I have been watching her work for a while and she has awed me again.
Her studio, Doloris Petunia is full of wearable statements that border on beautiful, and slightly tacky. She combines the embroidered friendship bracelets that I used to make when I was ten with Swarovski crystals, broaches and beads. For the full inspiration effect you have to visit her shop or read an interview here.
I can tell by the detailing in each of her pieces that they must take hours to make. Yet, there is too much inspiration here not to try! Good thing I have buckets of disassembled and broken jewelry lying around my house. If you want to give it a try and don't have old bobbles sitting on a shelf, check your nearest thrift store for used costume jewelry.
Also, Courtney uses a patent pending construction technique for her cuff base which molds your wrist. You will notice below that I used a simpler method. I also didn't use as much 'bling' as she did. The whole piece is actually pretty different from hers - but still inspired by her incredible skills.
1. First, lay out your chosen jewels to play around with the form and color.
2. Begin arranging the bottom layer of yarn, braids, fabric... whatever you can find, on a sheet of felt. I used stiffer felt, but any type should work because it is flexible, yet strong.
3. Jump in. You have to start somewhere and adhere the jewels around your base. One thing I've learned is that small items don't stay in place on their own for long. You have to trust yourself and start.
4. Cut the form out of the sheet of felt. 

5. Put a pretty ribbon on the back. You can discover your own closure technique... I used a ribbon.
6. Slowly and carefully bend the form into a concave shape. I didn't notice while I was working flat, but when the item is bent back, there are nooks and crannies that get opened up. Now is your time to fill them with more jewels!

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