Thursday, September 20, 2012

Discovery Bottles

Preschool is one of my favorite age groups.  I have taught preschool and once my daughter gets a bit older, I have a feeling I will do it again.  I have made some discovery bottles with glitter and water and rice and they were always a really big hit with the kids. These bottles go even further and are really great!  My favorites are the bottle with the scented oil and the one with the pipe cleaners and magnets.  These are a wonderful way to let children safely explore their environment utilizing all of their senses as well! (Note:  Make sure you glue all lids on the bottles to ensure the kids cannot open them.  She suggests glue gun, I've used super glue with excellent results)  These bottles are from Cathy Denman from Pre-School Play

We've had our discovery bottles for well over 2 years and they are really lasting well.  I've recently added a few more so thought I would share with you what ours are filled with.  These are so easy to make.  All you need it empty clear plastic bottles with lids, a glue gun and whatever you can find to fill them with.  When I first started making these I didn't have a glue gun so experimented with different sorts of glue and basically for the best results you need a glue gun.

This one is my favourite! Glycerine and glitter - it is much more effective than it looks in the picture and very relaxing (probably why I like it:))

Hair Gel and Marbles

Marbles in Shampoo. Good for comparing with the Marbles in Hair Gel, to see the the different ways the marbles behave in each.

Animals hidden in shredded paper. Lots of twisting and turning of the bottle required to get the animals to appear.

Good old glitter in distilled water (snow storms). Quick dramatic results when shook, that can be repeated again soon after.  I used glitter strands in this one

Car in rice. We use this one to learn about the different parts of a car.  Can you see the wheels / windows / lights / mirrors etc.

Coloured water and oil - I think I need a fish in this one!  I stupidly said to my son the other day 'look the two liquids don't mix together' to which he responded by vigorously shaking the bottle until they did!  After a while they did seperate again!

This one contains blue food colouring, washing up liquid and water.  Shaking creates fantastic blue bubbles which turn white before popping.

Giraffe in tiny bits of black plastic.  This one makes a lovely sound as you twist and turn the bottle, trying to find the giraffe.

Coloured sand and perspex numbers. (The sand was coloured with grated green chalk).

Artificial flower fragranced with oil.  Encourages the use of other senses in exploring the bottles.  You could have a set of discovery boxes that focus entirely on smells.

Cut up pipe cleaners.  Use magnetic wands to draw the pipe cleaners up the side of the bottle.

Jumping beans - again can be explored with a magnetic wand.

Paper clips in de-stilled water to demonstrate that magnetism also works in water.

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  1. About the bottle with the blue oil and water. How did you make it? What sort of Oil did you use?