Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sign created by my kiddos for their Daddy's homecoming
Yesterday was a wonderful blessing in my life because my husband who had been deployed to Afghanistan for the past year returned home safely.  The year he was away was very challenging for our family, but we perservered with the help of God, family, and many good friends.  I know there are so many more families currently missing their loved ones and I would like to say to them to stay strong, it will be over before you know it.  We have been through many deployments and each one has strengthened our relationship.  Being away from the person you love really helps you appreciate them and the things they do so much more.  My husband brought me a cup of coffee the other morning - so simple,  cup of coffee, but it's the first time anyone has made me coffee in a year!

Many people both in and out of the military complain about everything that the military throws at you, but in the end these obstacles and our ability to overcome them are what shape our character and our children's character.  I love the military and especially the Army (HUAH!).  I am grateful to all the soldiers and their families and all the sacrifices they make each and every day.  But - I am most grateful for my wonderful husband!!


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